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The welfare of policemen especially of the constable and head constable is of extreme importance and perhaps the most neglected element as well. Keeping this in view some steps are being taken to have measures which could lead to improvement in the general working conditions faced by the policemen. The biggest drawback this district has is that even after over 30 years of creation the district does not have its own police lines. Steps have been taken to expedite the process of land acquisition for the purpose. Until the police lines is established it would be very difficult to have proper welfare as the police line remains the biggest place where these measures could be initiated . This situation has lead to inadequate barracks and housing facility for policemen of all ranks. Besides no infrastructure of any sort whether of entertainment or training , eating or resting , medical facilities or playing is available. These are areas where a lot of efforts and planning is needed.

Presently the district has a welfare committee headed by the district superintendent of police which meets regularly and decides on monetary grants/aids  to the policemen in distress. Besides regular Police Sabha is held which deals with the questions raised by the members of the force . Matters raised are solved as promptly as possible and a regular monitoring is done to see their proper implementation. Depending on the availability of force , refresher training courses are held for the duration of a fortnight in batches of around 15 personnel. Help is being taken from the local MPs and MLAs for the construction of boundary wall in the campus where the police line is now functioning and to increase the capacity of police club. Sensing the need for computer trained persons a training program has been started with the help of a local computer training institute to train 10 persons at a time for a period of one month. Besides toilets have been constructed at the police stations and provision of providing solar lanterns and lighting systems is also underway.

However the efforts are woefully inadequate considering the physical and mental conditions under which the policemen are discharging their duties. A big effort is needed to provide basic humane working conditions especially in the following areas

  • Establishment of Police Line

  • Provision of basic amenities like safe drinking water, mess , toilets , accommodation and  rest at all places of work

  • Stress Management and Time Management training and schemes

  • Health Management- Police Hospital

  • Resource generating assets like petrol pump/canteen/provision stores

  • Family welfare centres - facilitating coaching, summer camps , training etc.

  • Child welfare scheme - hostel at district headquarter , library , priority in certain schools , etc.

  • Regular training and career advancement programs

    The list of possibilities is endless but what is needed is a sincere appreciation of the need for the welfare and also the working conditions of the force. We are committed to doing whatever is possible at the district level and the district welfare committee is trying its best to provide a better working condition.

"The Safety, honour and Welfare of our country comes first, always and every time. The honour, welfare and comfort of men  comes next. Our own ease, comfort and Safety come last, always and every time. "- Adapted

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