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 Before listing the major wanted criminals of the district , it seems important to highlight the major reasons why criminals continue to thrive here. First comes the location of the district. The district is bordering Uttar Pradesh and criminals on either side take full advantage of the long inter state border and commit crime in one area and take shelter on the other side. In spite of regular joint operations there remains an element of legal constraints in carrying out independent operations and collection of intelligence on the other side. Second comes the 'Diara' belt in the district along the banks of Gandak river. This belt has a very inhospitable terrain for carrying out random operations and it takes more than a couple of hours to reach here from the district headquarters on specific information in dry season and during the rainy season the time required is much more. Besides alternate stretches of land and water also make movement of forces difficult in the area. Also there is large scale cultivation of sugarcane in this region which provides a perfect shelter place to the criminals. Thirdly the district has over 70 kms of NH through the Sadar subdivision which makes it convenient for the criminals to make good their escape from the district fast while the Hathwa subdivision suffers from the opposite problem of bad road connectivity making it easier from the criminals to avoid the police. Fourth is the nearness to Nepal which is a source of shelter as well as place from where latest weapons are procured which are available to these criminals. Fifth  is a social phenomenon where criminals of a particular caste are patronized by their fellow caste men especially the influential and public representatives (some of them being their close relatives) among them. This is done in the name of not allowing the criminals of other castes to dominate the crime world and the criminals are looked up as saviors of that caste. This is one phenomenon which the district police has tried to tackle by exposing the futility of supporting the criminals as they take advantage of their caste men and do not hesitate to commit crimes against them if they are of no use to them . However the progress on this front has been slow but we are hopeful of better results of our efforts in the future. From the police angle there have been two major drawbacks firstly the sympathizers of criminals whether in the name of caste or money who leaked information about operations against the criminals and secondly the use of sophisticated weapons by the criminals who would not hesitate to fire when confronted by the police. The induction of SAP jawans ensured that the second problem was sorted out immediately with their induction and criminals have started to feel the heat as their casualties have been more during the past 1-1/2 years against none on the police side during armed resistance by the criminals. As regards the first problem a clear message has been sounded that those conniving with criminals shall not be tolerated at any level and instances of connivance have been reduced during the period.

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