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Shahid Smarak,GopalGanj






Any website of the police department remains incomplete without the expression of gratitude to the men  who wear the khaki –some who lay down their lives at the altar of duty while the many others who fight it out every day. The department celebrates the commemoration day in memory of those who make the ultimate sacrifice on the 21st of October every year. It is a very solemn occasion when each of us realize that we have been lucky to continue our fight while some of our colleagues have had to pay a heavy price for fighting the terrorists and criminals, a price too cheap if one looks at the safety and security of the country but one too dear for the many friends and the family of the martyr.

 We also salute the indomitable spirit of all others who have continued the fight against the forces inimical to the country even after seeing the bodies of near and dear ones. The shoulders have not yet drooped nor have the hands become weak even after carrying the coffins on our shoulders.

This year also on the occasion of commemoration day glowing tributes were paid to more than 700 policemen of various ranks who laid down their lives in service of the nation throughout the country during the past one year - meaning that lives lost being more than what we lost in Kargil yet there being a lot of indifference to the plight of policemen who feel neglected and condemned. As a policeman this day reminds one of the tough circumstances in which duty is performed and with a tinge of sadness the lack of efforts to improve those circumstances. The  entire force passes through mixed emotions on this day- some get patriotic, some sad at the loss of their near dear ones , some thank the stars that they survived , some disappointed at the prevailing circumstances and many others skeptical about the job to be done and whether one should risk his life for the sake of his fellowmen or just be passive till retirement comes. However at the end of the day everyone gets back to the duties knowing the role they are doing in the task of nation building in the hope that one day their efforts would be duly recognized and they would be treated with respect by the society they protect.

 The tributes are incomplete if we forget to the biggest source of inspiration and motivation, of the drive and determination-the members of the family. Whether it is the ailing parents or the grandparents, the expecting wife or the sister to be married, the unemployed brother or the kid in school who misses his father’s care –they all long to see him when he comes home on leave and while he is on duty they pray that the bullet of the criminal changes its way before reaching him and the landmine does not blast when he crosses it on his vehicle. They pray that the post is not attacked by naxals and the criminals do not live long enough to fire back in an encounter. They pray that he manages to apprehend all criminals for the welfare of the society because to them as to all of us he remains- OUR HERO.


Commemoration Day


1. Unit Flag at Half Mast

2. Floral tributes












3.Policemen queuing to pay tribute

4. Floral Tribute at  Shahid Smarak


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