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Republic Day  Celebrations:

The celebration of the 60th year of Republic day was held in a very joyous and cheerful mood though the grim flood situation in parts of the district and state did dampen the spirits and festivities. Even the rain god played hide and seek during the ceremonies which began at 9 AM sharp at the Minj Stadium and concluded at 12 noon in the Police Line. The flag hoisting ceremony took place at all the police stations in the district and also at the offices of the SDPOs. People, especially children came in good numbers to be part of the ceremonies. No untoward incident was reported from any part and the day passed off peacefully

The bright spot for the day remained the flag hoisting near the policeman's association chamber in which all members of the association came in police uniform as against the corrupted practice of wearing kurta-pyjama and Gandhi cap. All present including the District magistrate and civil officials besides the District SP appreciated the gesture . This was indeed a very welcome , bold and encouraging step taken by the association to show their regard for the laws of the land and honor of the tricolor besides reinforcing their commitment to discipline as they seek to maximize the welfare of their fellow men.
Replication of Crisis Response Training :

          From 11th August to 13th August , 20 police personnel including Sergeant Major, Sergeant , 5 SIs , 1 ASI ,2 HCs and 10 constables were put through a rigorous 3 day training capsule based on the Crisis Response Training Program conducted by the Louisiana State Police Academy in Baton Rouge, USA. The key training inputs included the handling and manipulation of pistol and Ak47 , double weapon handling , transition, weapon retention drill , arrest and search technique , contact cover principle , CQB principle , room intervention technique , 4 member and 8 member drill , approaching target drill , target discrimination technique and engaging targets in CQB



The training was rounded up by a live fire demonstration and practice with adequate rounds to each participant for engaging targets in different situations. The rain gods intervened to provide real life exposure to firing in low light conditions and even firing from vehicles was practiced. The training was conducted with loads of practice , audio-visual aids , demonstrations and dry practice with weapons. All the participants responded in a very positive and enthusiastic manner to pick up the finer points of training.





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