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  ARREST-Rights, Guidelines and List

Article 21 of the Constitution of India provides that 'no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law'. Article 22 provides for protection against arrest and detention in certain cases and declares that no person who is arrested shall be detained without being informed of the grounds of such arrest. Clause 2 of Article 22 directs that an arrested person be produced before a magistrate within 24 hours of his arrest. Chapter V of the CrPC deals with the powers of arrest and the safeguards which are required to be followed by the police to protect the interest of the arrested person. The horizon of human rights is expanding as well as the crime rate. Thus the laws of arrest try to strike a balance between individual rights, liberties and privileges on one hand and individual duties, obligations and responsibilities on the other. While the rights of the arrested persons have been incorporated even earlier the Supreme Court laid down certain procedural guidelines in case of arrest in the case of D. K. Basu v/s The State of Bengal in 1996.

These guidelines basically relate to 1. Police Officers making arrest to have clear identification  2. To have memo of arrest prepared  3. To inform his friends/relatives about the arrest  4. To inform telegraphically through concerned police station where person arrested is from outside the district  5. Right of the arrested person to have someone informed of his arrest  6. To have the arrest entered in the station diary  7. To have medical examination if the arrestee so requests  8. For detention for more than 48 hours to have medical examination every 48 hours  9. To send information to the magistrate about the arrest  10. Arrestee may be permitted to meet his lawyer for some time during interrogation  11. Information about the arrest to be made public within 12 hours of effecting the arrest.

Broad guidelines have been issued by the Police Headquarters in this regard for strict compliance. The officers of the district have been made sensitive to the rights of all persons including the arrestees and are being regularly trained and briefed to maintain proper records and to strictly follow the norms in this regard. Custodial violence mainly to extract confessions are being discouraged as they have no evidentiary value and instead focus has been put on the systematic collection of evidence and scientific interrogation techniques which nullifies any need for shortcut methods. The results are a bit slow in coming but the overall attitude has been very positive and encouraging and even officers at the Thana level are now gradually adopting the newer methods. The district police force is committed to upholding the rights of all individuals in its crusade against crime and with the support of the people we hope to achieve greater control on criminal activities.

We will try and put the list of persons arrested by the district police daily depending on connectivity in the table below:-

Name/Father's Name/ Address Arrest Date/Time and Place Arrested By/Police Station Reason for Arrest


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